Hello Everybodee

The title is an ode to one of my favourite Sesame Street characters, Grover, he has such a happy and cute personality, I’d like to think I was like that too, but I’m not…first of all I’m female and thanks to our New Zealand summer I’m a nice shade of tan right now.

Well that’s two snippets of info about me another is I have the attention span of a gnat…hence the short and sweet posts, though I’m hoping that will improve with the blogging course I’m taking.

Hello Everybodee

A burst of Fireworks

I was distracted by the fireworks exhibition at New Brighton Pier last night so today is a ‘twofor’ post…I’m not sure if that’s areal world but I think it’s a great description for two posts in one.



Now I know dandelions aren’t strictly flowers but I really like their ethereal qualities they remind me of the way the fireworks fall from the sky. One good breeze and those fluffy little seed heads will be scattered to the four winds.

A burst of Fireworks

NaMo’s here I come

oh no I’m behind in joining NaMo’s, it’s the 3rd of November already and I missed my goal of a post a day in November.  Never mind I’ll just have to try and catch up, better late than never I like to say, sometimes good things take time to come to fruition.

in my garden

i thought about what I would write each day and decided to take photos from my garden and then I could post at least a photo a day.  Its the last month of spring here in New Zealand and I realised my small piece of paradise might struggle to provide me with sufficient subject matter so I’ve been busily photographing all the flowers I encounter in my day.

Another challenge I set was to feature a different flower each day which I promptly broke once I spied these pretty posies at the school fair

Posies for sale
posies for sale

oh well some rules are worth breaking…

Finally I spied these lovely petunias which I really like the contrast of the white against the purple

pretty petunias
pretty petunias







P.S. I meant to publish this post yesterday but I saved it to draft by mistake…finding my way around the blog world by trial and error, just as well I like to learn by doing



New Year 2013 – New Post

Well HELlo, been way too loooong since I was here (had to reset my password loooong)!

Do I catch up on the past 12 months, the good, the bad and the ugly,  or just start from this moment on?  Honestly, I prefer option 2, the New Year seems like a time of renewal and new hope.  Yes that feels right so this is the beginning once again!

So Welcome to my blog.   I am looking forward to the footprints I may make this year, anything is possible and the future is unknown so I am looking forward to a few surprises.  I have a major decision to make, get a new job or commit to studying full-time??? What to do?? Who knows, lets find out together.

New Year 2013 – New Post

A Shoely Change

a shoe tree...my kind of heaven
a shoe tree…my kind of heaven

Well… after mucH ummmming and arrrrrring and wracking of brains I have cHanged tHe name of my blog from ‘Our SHakey Isles’ to Hel on Heels.  THe new title is much more reflective of one of the tHings I enjoy.

Ok, to be completely Honest I don’t just like sHoes  I love sHoes!!!  Obsessed by shoes,  Addicted to Heels, The Higher the Heel, tHe more i love tHem oh yes.  AnytHing tHat can transform my 164cm (5′ 4″) frame towards celestial Heights, was made for me baby!

So welcome to my journey around tHese beautiful sHores, in tHe most gorgeous sHoes with High Heels wHich I can find.

mucH love to you all



A Shoely Change