NaMo’s here I come

oh no I’m behind in joining NaMo’s, it’s the 3rd of November already and I missed my goal of a post a day in November.  Never mind I’ll just have to try and catch up, better late than never I like to say, sometimes good things take time to come to fruition.

in my garden

i thought about what I would write each day and decided to take photos from my garden and then I could post at least a photo a day.  Its the last month of spring here in New Zealand and I realised my small piece of paradise might struggle to provide me with sufficient subject matter so I’ve been busily photographing all the flowers I encounter in my day.

Another challenge I set was to feature a different flower each day which I promptly broke once I spied these pretty posies at the school fair

Posies for sale
posies for sale

oh well some rules are worth breaking…

Finally I spied these lovely petunias which I really like the contrast of the white against the purple

pretty petunias
pretty petunias







P.S. I meant to publish this post yesterday but I saved it to draft by mistake…finding my way around the blog world by trial and error, just as well I like to learn by doing



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