A burst of Fireworks

I was distracted by the fireworks exhibition at New Brighton Pier last night so today is a ‘twofor’ post…I’m not sure if that’s areal world but I think it’s a great description for two posts in one.



Now I know dandelions aren’t strictly flowers but I really like their ethereal qualities they remind me of the way the fireworks fall from the sky. One good breeze and those fluffy little seed heads will be scattered to the four winds.

A burst of Fireworks

NaMo’s here I come

oh no I’m behind in joining NaMo’s, it’s the 3rd of November already and I missed my goal of a post a day in November.  Never mind I’ll just have to try and catch up, better late than never I like to say, sometimes good things take time to come to fruition.

in my garden

i thought about what I would write each day and decided to take photos from my garden and then I could post at least a photo a day.  Its the last month of spring here in New Zealand and I realised my small piece of paradise might struggle to provide me with sufficient subject matter so I’ve been busily photographing all the flowers I encounter in my day.

Another challenge I set was to feature a different flower each day which I promptly broke once I spied these pretty posies at the school fair

Posies for sale
posies for sale

oh well some rules are worth breaking…

Finally I spied these lovely petunias which I really like the contrast of the white against the purple

pretty petunias
pretty petunias







P.S. I meant to publish this post yesterday but I saved it to draft by mistake…finding my way around the blog world by trial and error, just as well I like to learn by doing



First Tuesday in November

Cup day blooms
Cup day blooms
bold colour

Most Kiwi’s and Aussies know what the first Tuesday in November means it’s Melbourne Cup Day, the race that ‘stops the nation’.  Synonymous with the race are the roses which are at their peak at Flemington Racecourse and in an omage to the day I’ve picked a rose growing in my friends garden.  The scent is divine and the colour strong and bold  image

First Tuesday in November