Fleet of Foot

While this post may seem to be unrelated to my shoe fetish, it is about the footsteps in our family’s journey around these beautiful islands.

The youngest member of our household regularly participates in wananga (workshops for want of a better translation) learning the traditional art of Taiaha.  Despite their shoeless state, the footwork from our young boys and men is beautiful, light as a feather.  Thanks to Te Tohu o Tu and the men who take the time to teach our boys and young men.

Watch the video on You tube, from a proud mama to one of the participants.

Fleet of Foot

A Shoely Change

a shoe tree...my kind of heaven
a shoe tree…my kind of heaven

Well… after mucH ummmming and arrrrrring and wracking of brains I have cHanged tHe name of my blog from ‘Our SHakey Isles’ to Hel on Heels.  THe new title is much more reflective of one of the tHings I enjoy.

Ok, to be completely Honest I don’t just like sHoes  I love sHoes!!!  Obsessed by shoes,  Addicted to Heels, The Higher the Heel, tHe more i love tHem oh yes.  AnytHing tHat can transform my 164cm (5′ 4″) frame towards celestial Heights, was made for me baby!

So welcome to my journey around tHese beautiful sHores, in tHe most gorgeous sHoes with High Heels wHich I can find.

mucH love to you all



A Shoely Change