Countdown to the holidays!

Well only 7 more days left at work and then its time for the holidays to begin.  Looking forward to a well earned break after a year that no one could have predicted, not even the ”moon man’ (predictor of earthquakes).

Anyway, today I was telling my children about this blog, the first question they asked me was who I was writing to and how many followers I had.  When I admitted I didn’t actually have any followers at this stage and in fact I wasn’t even certain anyone else had even read it, of course they all burst into hysterics.  Not quite the response I was expecting, anyway I told them my primary goal at the moment is to become familiar with posting and fine tuning the look of my site.

So if you have happened upon my posts, leave a comment so my children can eat a little humble pie –  your help in this endeavour will be ever so appreciated



Countdown to the holidays!

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